[VODCAST] Betamax & Laserdisc Movie Preview | April

March 29, 2015

Your monthly look ahead to the standout movies hitting cinemas this April.

Hosted by Will, this month we look ahead to Fast & Furious 7, Ex_Machina, Kill Me Three Times, Self/Less and Monsters: Dark Continent.

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The Unheard Nerd Mixtape #6

March 21, 2015

The new music podcast from The Unheard Nerd, this is the mixtape.

Your host Will brings an hour of the best in Nerdcore and indie Hip-Hop with a smattering of dub-step, electro and much more in-between. This is music for nerds.

Visit: theunheardnerd.com


Betamax & Laserdisc #5 | The Television & Film Podcast from The Unheard Nerd

March 1, 2015

In an incredible show display of dedication your hosts manage to string together a staggering third episode, on time, where will finds a film so bad even the common cold can't stand it and your hosts pay brief tribute to Leonard Nimoy.