Jump The Shark | Episode 1 | It was a time of civil war…

January 7, 2018

Episode 1 | It was a time of civil war...

In this episode: Will rants about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Marvel's Silver Surfer comics, Ernest Cline's Armada and... well pretty much everything. Meanwhile John takes a more reasoned approach. Your hosts reminisce about last year's London Comic-Con, the Red Dwarf press conference, the UK premier of Futureman and more.

[Runtime 1:30 | Explicit | Contains Spoilers | Title Music: Malibu Shark Attack - Malibu Shark Attack]

Word To The Nerd | More Or Les

January 29, 2017

Canadian rapper, DJ and producer, More or Les joins Will for a second time to discuss his involvement with Hand'Solo Records, Comics and his new album Blow The Fuck Up But Stay Humble.

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[ONE SHOT] Revisiting An Interview With Mike Pecci

March 18, 2016

In October 2013 we interviewed director/photographer Mike Pecci about his Punisher fan film 'The Dead Can't Be Distracted' that Marvel shut down.

With Daredevil season two hitting Netflix today and introducing the character of Frank Castle aka The Punisher to the series we take this opportunity to look back at the interview we held with Mike Pecci about his film, the circumstances that led to it being shut down by Marvel and hear Pecci's, almost prophetic, vision for how The Punisher could be portrayed on-screen in the future.

This fascinating interview with the filmmaker was an exclusive at the time for a story that found space on many pop culture outlets.


Word To The Nerd | Sulfur | Interview

November 29, 2015

Joining your host Will on this episode of the interview podcast from The Unheard Nerd is Sulfur. Known as one half of the Thought Criminals, Sulfur has been concentrating on his solo work and talks about his new album Re:Birth and the comic that accompanies the release.


Word To The Nerd | Adam Warrock | Interview

February 14, 2015

Overcoming technical difficulties your host Will is proud to present this highly anticipated interview with nerdcore's most prolfic rapper Adam Warrock. Learn who Adam has beef with, explore his journey into becoming a full time musician and witness your host and guest reconcile their long running feud. Most importantly learn about Adam's latest joint venture with Mikal kHill, his most recent EP Gifted Student.

Gifted Student is available to download now via bandcamp.

Title music by: Kudos The Kid | Word To The Nerd Theme

All other music by or featuring Adam Warrock


The Unheard Nerd | Podcast #29 | Wordburglar | Side B

February 2, 2014

Part two of an epic interview with Canadian rapper Wordburglar. The conversation moves from Burgie's videos to his passion for comics.

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The Unheard Nerd | Podcast #29 | Wordburglar | Side A

January 26, 2014

Will is joined this week by Canadian rapper Wordburglar. In part one of this epic two hour interview the pair focus on 'Burgies music career. Tune in next week for part two where the conversation moves in part to comics.


The Unheard Nerd Movie Podcast #15 - Halloween Special 2013

October 31, 2013

John and Will present an apology of a Halloween Special as the pair once again struggle with the horror genre. Impending zombie infection threatens in this eerie edition of the podcast.


The Unheard Nerd Movie Podcast #14 With Guest Mike Pecci

October 13, 2013
An Interview With Mike Pecci - Director Of The Punisher Fan Film The Dead Can't Be Distracted.

Will and John are joined this week by director / photographer, Mike Pecci who discusses his recent fan film based on The Punisher and how the film came to be shut down by Marvel for copyright infringement.

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