The Unheard Nerd

The Unheard Nerd Episode #14

January 23, 2013

Your host Will invites you to join him for another hour of the best in Nerdcore and Indie Hip-Hop spending a little time to look at recent submissions, news and commentary.


Music this week comes from:


XoC & Milk-Plus - The Masters

VPC 2011 Compilation

From last year's Nerdcore Now, Vocalist/Producer Challenge come The Masters from Milk-Plus and XoC. The VPC is back for 2013 with a strong line-up of participants. The first challenge is currently underway.


Sketch - LOser

The Killing Joke Mixtape

Going back to play a track from the artist formally known as Sketch (Now Lex Lingo) from his Killing Joke Mixtape.


Southside - Roboto

Science Diction

From the 2011 album Science Diction this short but sweet track is available to download for free from Scrub Club Records.


Optimus Rhyme - Ford Vs. Chevy

Optimus Rhyme

Going back in time to play a classic track from the legendary Seattle hip-hop band.


Kudos The Kid - Impulse


A recent submission to the site that I've not had time to write about yet but worth checking out, we play the stand-out track, Impulse.


Nursehella - Geekend Freakout

Second Coming

Nursehella releases her long overdue debut full-length album. Something of a figurehead for the Nerdcore scene, her reputation far outweighs her musical output. Time to change all that.


Doug Funnie - Big Kid Remix ft Sammus, Lefty, Richie Branson & Random aka MegaRan

An epic remix of the track Big Kid (originally featuring MC Lars) from the album Head In The Cloudz.


Muneshine - Back To The Future ft Elmnt & Kydd

There Is Only Today Remixes

As Muneshine drops a video for the title track from the album There Is Only Today we take a listen to a track from the remix album


Mikal kHill - Mr SelfdestrukHt

Buy Product

One half of the Thought Criminals with a track from the E.P. Buy Product produced by Romero Shaw.


Adam Warrock - Mjolnir

More free music from Adam Warrock, this time paying tribute to Marvel comic's Thor, or more specifically, Thor's hammer Mjonir.


MC Frontalot - Nerd Life

Something of a promotion song for New Relic comes a new track with accompanying video from the god-father of Nerdcore Hip-Hop.


Aeon Grey - Milk & Bullets

Uncommon Records - Burner 2

The debut release from Aeon Grey for Uncommon Records taken from their forthcoming compilation album Burners 2.


The Whole Damme Delegation - Superseed


From the E.P. titled [EP], The Whole Damme Delegation fronted by Navi bring a loose hip-hop vibe.


Kabuto The Python - Adoption ft funky49 & MC Lars

The Parseltongue Mixtape

One from the archives this is a rough but really cool track from way back featuring funky49 and MC Lars from Kabuto's twenty eight track mixtape.


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