The Unheard Nerd

The Unheard Nerd Episode #16

February 13, 2013

An hour of Nerdcore and Indie Hip-Hop from your host Will. This week bringing mostly new tracks from the last couple of months and a couple of favourites.


Music on this weeks show:


Dr Awkward - Sick Day

Sick Day

The title track from Dr Awkward's most recent free to download E.P.


The MC Type - My Backpack ft Prof

A Good Tattoo

From the forthcoming new album from Seattle rapper The MC Type.


Alpha Riff - Superhero Swag

The newest nerd on the block brings a track and accompanying video. Check out his three releases from this year G.E.E.K, D.O.R.K and N.E.R.D.


Kid Apocalypse - Earth 616

Enter Kid Apocalypse

A strong track from the X-Men inspired E.P.


Topiq & JSWISS - Just Me And You


Topiq and JSWISS team up for a good vibe, up-beat track.


Random aka Mega Ran - Ninja Gold Digger

White Materia

DJ Nerd2 mashes up Random's Black Materia album with some popular hooks for this second remix album of the original.


Superpowerless - Eat Your Brains ft Pixelle

A single release from the pop/chiptune group and a brief run through the Britain's Got Talent debacle.


Weerd Science - Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans was released a while ago now after the release of Weerd Science's last album, Sick Kids. He continues to tour with Coheed & Cambria at present.


Faction - Mic Works

The Refill E.P.

A taster of the collaborative effort that is Faction from The Refill E.P.

DJ Fes One & Queen Elizabeth - In Closing

Sleepless In Seattle

From the new E.P. from Queen Elizabeth and producer Fes One which dropped on the 1st of February.


Death*Star - Respiration Exhale ft Sk3tch

A New Dope

From last year's album this is one of the stronger tracks featuring Sk3tch, now known as Lex Lingo.


Bazukka Joe / Blip / Shakelous - Forever Nerd

The Roll A Twenty Records Mixtape

O.G. Don Vito has re-released a shorter version of the RATR mixtape. This track remains on the re-release. This version is from the original.


Adam Warlock - Slugging Percentage

Uncommon Burners 2

From Uncommon Records' recent celebration of their history, Uncommon Burners 2, comes a track from Adam Warlock.


Twin Peaks - The Bang Bang Bar

Kissing Hands And Shaking Babies

Canadian rappers Ghettosocks and Muneshine combined for this track from their full length album.


Soup Or Villainz - Game To Play

Villainz For Hire

Our track from the archive from an earlier release from Viet-Vu and Remison aka Soup Or Villainz. I need to stop reading that so literally. Say it fast....


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