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The Unheard Nerd Episode #17 [The Game Edition]

February 20, 2013

This week Will presents The Game Edition. Delving into the archives for an hour of games related music from the last six years of nerdcore.


Music on this weeks show:


Futuristing Sex Robotz - WoW

Hotel Coral Essex

The first of two tracks inspired by World Of Warcraft taken from Futuristic Sex Robotz' album Hotel Coral Essex.


Kaiju And Solus - The Craft Of War

Spare Change

Kaiju and Solus team up for an album dating back to 2009. Download this while you can from the Nerdcore Now archives.


Madhatter - The Game Master

8-Bit Bullshit

Scrub Club's main man mixes big beats with chiptunes and full blooded vocals.


Superpowerless - Princess (Costumes And Drugs Remix)

Untested Methods - Remix Case-files Vol 2.1

Untested Methods remixes this rousing pixel-punk anthem from U.K. based Superpowerless.


Grandmaster Pink - Gameboy Sniper

Nerdier Than You

Another album to be salvaged from the Nerdcore Now archives from June 2009.


YT Cracker - NES

Nerd Rap Entertainment System

This show wouldn't have been complete without a track from YT Cracker's acclaimed album.


Maros - N.I.N.T.E.N.D.O


This track pre-dates the recent album from Maros and remains a powerful anthem.


MC Lars - Guitar Hero Hero

This Gigantic Robot Kills

A track that kicks ass and rocks out. This song sounds massive with an amazing guitar solo.


Kabuto The Python & BC - Terminus Blues

The N7 EP

Kabuto and BC (The same person?) bring a twisted vision of the blue with a Mass Effect influence.


Adam Warrock - SPECTRE

The ME3 EP

More Mass Effect influence, this time from Adam Warrock with a killer track from the ME3 EP.


Kasparov - Mama Luigi ft Epic-1

Noncents Vol. 7

Another addition to the show that can be found at Scrub Club Records, this time a short and sweet track from Kasparov.


MC Hawking - GTA3

A Brief History Of Rhyme

The Steven Hawking parody pays tribute to Grand Theft Auto Three from the full length album A Brief History Of Rhyme.


Random - Reset Button Remix ft Wordburglar

Teacher Rapper Hero Mixtape

A track that caught me by surprise. I haven't listened to Teacher Rapper Hero for some time and didn't even realise the Wordburglar featured.


Soup Or Villainz - Gamer Tag

Villainz For Hire

Yet more available from Scrub Club Records, this time Soup Or Villainz from their album Villainz For Hire.


Dr Awkward - Joystick


From the solid album Unlimited, this track looks at the repercussions of a gamin habit. You have been warned!


MC Frontalot - Final Boss

Final Boss

It seems very appropriate to end the gaming edition with a Final Boss. As an extra bonus I've included and intro from Front's live show in London from 2010.


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