The Unheard Nerd

The Unheard Nerd Episode #20

March 28, 2013

Following an impromptu week off Will returns with episode 20 of The Unheard Nerd Podcast.


Music this week comes from:


The Grammar Club - Plastic Submarine


I'm calling it! One of the albums of the year without doubt featuring some of Nerdcore's biggest hitters.


Wordburglar - Rap Viper

Triple Single Release [Welcome To Cobra Island]

Burgy pays tribute to G.I. Joe with this track forming part of a triple single release from the forthcoming new album titled Welcome To Cobra Island.


Teenburger - Wake Up Ft Jorun Bombay


Ghettosocks and Timbuktu are on tour with The Herbaliser in France at present but are heading back to the UK in April.


Ambition - Show Time ft Kidd & Quake

Man Of The Year

Another Canadian flavoured track, this time from Ambition taken from his new six track EP, Man Of The Year.


ECOMOG - Who Will Survive In America

Single Release

A single track from the Philli trio, this time with a more serious tone.


Dr Awkward - Flow Of Time

Boy Without A Fairy

A Zelda themed release from the Dr which gained props from MTV Geek.


Dual Core - Farewell

All The Things

Dual Core are supporting MC Lars on his UK tour in May and opened the SXSW Nerdcore Showcase. Will re-creates that showcase with a track from each of the artists on the line-up.


Wordburglar - Rhyme O'Clock ft More Or Les


Cheating a little as this track features two of the artists on the showcase line-up, Wordburglar with a second outing this show and More Or Les.


Adam Warrock - Retcon

You Dare Call That Thing Human!?!

Taken from his awesome full length album. Incredibly this could be the first time a song from that album has appeared on the show.


Mikal kHill - Balthazar (Requiem For The Party's Healer)

Burning Bright [Limited Edition]

Demos from kHill's forthcoming album, The Tigers Come At Night and one track where Mikal plays with his wife (oooher!) on a folk-hop track.


Jesse Dangerously - Halifax Rap Legend

Humble And Brilliant

The modest Jesse Dangerously adding his talents to proceedings from his last full length album.


Schaffer The Darklord - He Who Raps

Junk Drawer

Taken from the Junk Drawer album, a collection of previously unreleased tracks and remixes.


MC Frontalot - Nerd Versus Jock


Front has recently released a video for this short track taken from his last full length album. If you don't own any Frontalot? Sort your life out!


MC Lars - How To Be An Indie Rapper ft Weerd Science

Lars Attacks!

Rounding out the show, Lars headlined the SXSW showcase and will embark on a headlining tour in the UK in May this year as well as appearing at Slam Dunk Festival.


Thanks for listening!


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