The Unheard Nerd

The Unheard Nerd Podcast [2012 In Review]

January 4, 2013

Will takes a look back at the highs and lows of 2012 from the albums, singles and videos released to the MC Chris shit-storm and the friends the nerd community lost along with news and highlights from


Music this week comes from:


Adam Warrock - Fuck SOPA

Backburner - Heatwave

MC Frontalot - Stoop Sale

Soup Or Villainz - High Science ft Adam Warrock & NES-T

Ghettosocks - The Invincible

Wordburglar - Croque Monsieur

Richie Branson - Super Nintendo Sega Genesis ft Random

Swamp Thing -123

Superpowerless / Madhatter / MC Wreckshin - Little Man (MC Chris Diss)

An Hobbes - Year Of Tomorrow

Safari Al - Between The Trees (Antidepressant Outro)

The Herbaliser - March Of The Dead Things (Night Of The Necromantics)

Whoremoans - Camp And Snipe ft MC Gigahertz

Adam Warrock - City Beautiful

Wordburglar - Sufficiently Suffonsified


Thanks for listening.


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