The Unheard Nerd

The Unheard Nerd Episode #13

January 16, 2013

The first 'proper' show of the new year and one designed to kick-start 2013 with lots of fresh tunes and some uplifting tracks to dust away the new year blues.


Music this week comes from:


Fraction x Fresh Kils - That's A Rap

Extra Science

Grab this as a name your price release while you can. Released last year, this album is blisteringly good.


Jesse Dangerously -Bring Your Girlfriend To Rap Day (Double Ice Backfire Remix)

Humble & Brilliant

This remix can be found alongside the album version on Jesse's bandcamp page. Jesse has had a lot of trouble getting the vinyl version of the album out but after a year the crowd funded LP will be winging it’s way to backers soon.


Mega ran - We Salute You *Gitaroo Man* ft Miranda

Time And Space

Released exclusively via Time And Space is a project where fans got to choose which video game music was used.


Doug Funnie - Hi-Ho (9 to 5)

Head In The Cloudz

Head In The Cloudz is a listenable album with plenty to enjoy but little production issues tarnish it ever so slightly. MC Lars features on Big Kid.


MC Lars x KRS One -The Gospel Of Hip-Hop (DJ Roborob Remix)

The Ill Remixes Vol 2

DJ Roborob adds a dubstep touch to the track. MC Ohm-I also adds his talents to Flow Like Poe.

MC Lars - Bookshelf on and playing all dates on Warped tour and Slam Dunk Festival.


MC Wreckshin - Coffee

Dubstep Is Magic

Shaking away the cobwebs of 2012 and injecting caffeine straight into the veins for an energised 2013.


Too Many T's x Savage Henry - Why Did You Do It (Remix)

Ghettofunk Icons Volume 3

The cheeky pair from London team up with Savage Henry to respectfully remix this classic track for 35 artists in total have remixed 30 tracks to form a free album containing over 2 hours of party tunes.


Queen Elizabeth -Flying Steps

Sleepless In Seattle

Production by DJ Fes One. Her new EP is due out on the 1st of February. Queen Liz appeared on MC Ohm-I's release Words More Better specifically designed to gain exposure for unknown rappers.


Milo - Monologion

Things That Happen At Night

New out from Milo and part of a double EP, things that happen at day/night. Follow up to Milo Takes Baths and I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here. Production values are greatly improved over his previous work.


Sulfur - Turtle Power 2012 (IDW version)

Srsface Vol 1

From Sulfur's recent EP paying tribute to his love of IDW publishing a re-imagining of the a turtles story now entering it's second year. Check out Sulfur's review of the series on the website.


Adam Warrock = Futurama Theme (Remix)

Planet Express EP

Adam Warrock pays tribute to Futurama with this latest free EP. By the time you’ve read this segment he’s already written and released another EP about you reading about his new EP. Truth.


Wordburglar - The Route

The Dirty Sample - The Dreamixes

Originally found on Burglaritis this remix appeared on The Dreamixes in July 2010. As found on the Hand Solo bandcamp page along with lots of other releases.


Torrentz – Ninja Vanish

Nerdcore International

From the forthcoming new album from the internet nerdcore super-group comes Ninja Vanish. The new album, Nerdcore International, is nearing completion.


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