The Unheard Nerd

The Unheard Nerd Episode #15 [Collab Edition Vol.1]

February 6, 2013

Your host Will brings a special show in the form of the first instalment of the Collaboration Edition. Every track played this week will feature a collaborating artist, the next track played will feature that artist collaboration with a different vocalist, and so on and so forth, formal a chain of songs where each artist will appear twice in a row.


Music on this weeks show comes from:


Kabuto The Python ft funky 49 and MC Lars - Adoption (funky49 2013 mix)

Previously unreleased version

Following episode #14 of the show, Will reached out to funky 49 to find out if a superior quality version of this track was ever likely. What followed was an odd conversation involving a whole host of nerdcore players. The end result turned out to be this new mix. Props to funky 49.


MC Lars ft MC Frontalot - O.G. Original Gamer

This Gigantic Robot Kills

MC Lars and the godfather of nerdcore team up, not for the first or last time on Lars' album, This Gigantic Robot Kills.


MC Frontalot ft Random aka Mega Ran - Black Box

Final Boss

Featuring Random on one of my favourite tracks from MC Frontalot's album Final Boss.


Random X Richie Branson - Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis

This track appeared in the 2012 wrap-up show but it's a great up-beat song featuring an established and recent nerdcore artist.


Richie Branson X Mikal kHill - City Of Amnesia

Nerdcore Absolution

From the compilation which hopefully is getting some of it's revenue to the charity it claims to comes a surprising team up between Richie Branson and Thought Criminal, Mikal kHill. Production by Ultraklystron.


Mikal kHill & Romero Shaw (Beat) ft Tribe One - My Name Is Demonos

Fun Razer

A bit of a cheat this one. Music from a Mikal kHill track by Romero Shaw with Tribe One on vocals.


Adam Warrock X Tribe One - Different

Paper Cutters And Dangling Headphones

Tribe One with Adam Warrock from this brilliant E.P. Check it!


Sulfur ft Adam Warrock - So Close

Srs Face

Warrock features on a track by the other Thought Criminal, Sulfur. From Sulfur's recent E.P. Srs Face.

Garthim Master ft Sulfur - Krang

Sulfur adds his talents to a one off track from Garthim Master.


Wordburglar ft Garthim Master - Dude, Where's My AT-AT At?


From the stunning album by Wordburglar, the Garthim Master features on a track ripe with comedy and Star Wars references a-plenty.


Benjamin Bear ft Wordburglar - Special Delivery


A surprisingly natural sounding collaboration between B.bear and 'burg, my stand-out track from the album Tuesday.


Benjamin Bear ft YT Cracker - Ancient Power Mage Swag


From Benjamin Bear's most recent E.P, Wizard featuring hacker YT Cracker.


Dual Core ft YT Cracker - I Remember

Next Level

YT Cracker features again, this time with fellow hackers Dual Core on this lengthy track from Dual Core's Next Level album.


MC Lars, YT Cracker and Int80 of Dual Core - Original Digital Gangsters

The Digital Gangster E.P.

Rounding out the show nicely, this last track features not only Int80 of Dual Core and YT Cracker, but also MC Lars who we kicked off with. Satisfying.


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